125mm Vit Smooth 45°/135° Elbow/ Bend

2 segment 45° Elbow.

Suitable for gas, oil and solid fuel appliances with temperatures up to 600°.
VIT-Smooth pipe should only be used as a connecting pipe between your appliance and Flue Liner / Chimney Stack / Twin Wall Flue System.

VIT-Smooth pipe should NOT be used to pass through ceilings or combustible walls.


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Installation of domestic solidfuel appliance must be certified by a competent engineer. A hetas engineer is recommended or equivalent governing body. Building regulations approval is also possible when work is carried out by a competent person.


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Many stove manufacturers typically provide an extensive warranty for the stove's main body. Nevertheless, components like firebricks, glass, grates, baffles, and seals are considered consumable items and fall outside the scope of warranty coverage.

Item: Smooth 45°135° Elbow - Ø 125mm

Material: Zero Carbon Steel

Steel Thickness: 1.2mm

Coating: Powder Enamel

Coating Thickness: 0.2mm

Colour: Black

Approval: EN1856-2 T600 N1 Vm L80120 G375

Distance to combustible: 375mm

Diameter: 125mm

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