Clean Air Strategy 2019 - Ban on Wood stoves?

The Clean Air Strategy 2019 shows how the government will tackle all sources of air pollution, making our air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy. It does Not mean a Ban on Woodburning stoves but the stove industry is part of a strategy to ensure the cleanest woodburning stoves are available to consumers.

Is there a Ban on Woodburning Stoves?

The simple answer is No! but by 2022 only the cleanest burning stove will be available - you can buy Ecodesign ready stoves now which comply with New rules that come into effect in 2022

Summer shutdown of your Stove

Maintaining your Stove during Spring & Summer Months

Euroheat Ash Vac

Euroheats Technical Stove Specialist Free Lee sums up perfectly how to shutdown your stove during the some months. Outling how stove damage can occur in the summer and how to prevent this. 

(article taken from TB243 Fred Lee Euroheat 04/2016)

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