Euro-Vit 90 Degree Elbow Bend

A slow 90 degree bend usually used for rear exiting flues

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Installation of domestic solidfuel appliance must be certified by a competent engineer. A hetas engineer is recommended or equivalent governing body. Building regulations approval is also possible when work is carried out by a competent person.

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Euro-Vit 90 Degree Elbow Bend
Euro-Vit 90 Degree Elbow Bend

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    All enamelled bends are made from 0.12mm thick zero carbon steel. The flue pipe has two coats of Class A quality enamel applied to both the inside and the outside of the pipes.

    Components have been designed to be installed quickly, safely and simply.

    EURO-VIT vitreous enamel stove pipe only has a male end and no female end. The male end must be installed facing downwards.

    Due to only having one tapered end this pipe can be easily cut and still used within a system, with the male end from the second piece going inside the cut end of the first piece.

    By fitting the parts together this way allows for debris and moisture to run back down the flue.

    The smaller male end is 50mm high and slips inside the main pipe.

    The staged design to bend will make it easier for sweeping the chimney through the stove, and will decrease he chance of build up of soot or condensation in the bend itself.

    Ony available in matt black and in different diameters to fit most stoves

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