Register Plate 900x495 Ø 125 150


Register Plate 900x495 Ø 125 150

Register Plates are used to seal off the base of the chimney.

This Register Plate is 900mm x 495mm

It has NO access holes so it is suitable for insulation.

It is suitable for 125mm and 150mm (5 and 6 inch) Black Stove Pipe.

For 150mm diameter installations simply remove the centre cover ring by unscrewing the two retaining screws.


Item Register Plate (F) - 900x495 no access hole - Ø 125 150

Material: Galvanised Steel

Thickness: 1.5mm Fixing

Angles: 4

Length: 900mm

Width 495mm

Hole Diameter: 125/150mm

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