Guide to Multi-Fuel Stoves and Wood-burners

The Benefits of Stoves

Wood-burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves provide an efficient, independent and guaranteed means of heating your home.  A stove is a lovely feature in any home and is fully controllable.  With Stove Efficiency levels of 65% - 80%, compared to an open fire with a 25% - 30%, a multi-fuel stove is a low cost alternative.

Stove Types

When choosing which type of stove is right for you, there are types to consider:

Wood-burning only or Multi-Fuel stoves

Charnwood wood burning Stove

Wood-burning Stoves will burn seasoned wood or approved wood products only, whereas Multi-Fuel Stoves can burn approved solid smokeless fuel or seasoned wood.  Generally Wood-burning only stoves do not have a grate or ash-pan, and the wood-fuel will be burnt directly on the base of the stove.  Multi-Fuel stoves will have a grate (either a static grate or an riddling grate) and a ash pan for removing the ashes.

Room Heating only Stove or Boiler Stove

Arada Stratford Boiler Stove

Boiler Stoves are available in wood only or as a multi-fuel stove and can provide domestic hot water and water to run the central heating system.  It is possible to add a Domestic Hot Water to some Room heating stoves.  Adding a boiler to a stove will reduce the heat output of the stove to the room.

Free-Standing Stoves or Inset Stove

Stovax Riva 40 Freestanding Stove      Stovax Riva 40 inset stove

Free-Standing Stoves are suitable for installing as a stand-alone stove in the room or within an inglenook or a large recess in a chimney breast.  Inset stoves are available in various sizes and are suitable for installing into a Standard British Fire Opening or built into an existing Chimney Breast.

Traditional Stove or Contemporary / Modern Stove

AGA Traditional Stove    Jydepejsen Elegance Contemporay Stove

Whether you opt for a Traditional or a Contemporary stove, the decision is generally dependant on your own personal preference and the style of house or setting the stove is to be installed in.

Radiant or Convection Stove

Morso Stoves    Morso Badger

There are two types of stoves, radiant stoves and convector / convection stoves.  Radiant stoves concentrated the heat directly around the stove itself.  Convection / convector stoves will distribute the heat out into the whole room. Convection stoves are very suitable for installing in open plan living areas.

What size heat output is required?

It is important that you choose the stove with the right heat output. Stove heat output is measured in kW (kilowatts).

The Stove Calculation Formula is based on an average room. 

The General Formula for calculating the required kW Heat output required is as follows:

Metric Calculation (If you measure the room in Meters)

(Width of Room x Depth of Room x Height of Room) divide by 14


Imperial Calculation (If you measure the room in Feet)

(Width of Room x Depth of Room x Height of Room) divide by 500

The amount of doors, windows in the room as well as other factors such as stairs leading from the room may increase the heating requirements.  A well insulated property may reduce the heating requirements.