New Stoves after 1st January 2022

Ecodesign is a new regulation which will enforce a minimum efficency level on woodburning stoves and will lead to a signifcant improvement in UK air quality. 

Ecodesign ready improvements graph

From January 2022 onwards Ecodesign stoves will become the new standard of woodburning stoves. It will be illegal to manufacture and sell new stoves after 1st January 2022 that do not comply with the Ecodesign requirements. However, stoves that are already in the supply chain (manufacturers, distributors, retailers) can be sold after this date. (SIA 2022

What is the difference between Ecodesign and Defra Approved Stoves?

Ecodesign Stoves will apply to the whole of the UK and is a European wide scheme. All stove manufactured from January 2022 must be Ecodesign. 

Defra Approved stoves are appliances which are Defra Exempt for fitting woodburners in smokeless zones. 

Always be careful as not all Ecodesign stoves are necessarily Defra Approved. 

Still confused about Ecodesign stoves?

From January 2022 Ecodesign will be the new standard but you will still need to make sure you are purchasing a stove that adheres to regulation such as Defra approval. The Clearskies mark has recently been launched to make it clearer for buyers to pick the correct stove. 


Clear Skies Certified Stoves