AGA Black Enamel Touch Up Paint

AGA Black enamel touch up paint.

Perfect for repairing minor defects, scratches and flaws on the enamel surface of your AGA, this touch up stick allows easy, instant and inexpensive repair.

For enamelled surfaces only.

Separate repair kit available for easy durable repair.

Heat resistant up to 60ºc.

Instructions: Ensure your AGA or Rayburn is switched off and cold. The surface ust be clean., dry and free from grease and rust, remove llose parts. Before use shake the touch-up stick well for 2 mins, and hold stick upright when opening. Apply the coating in multiple thin coats depending on depth of damage and allow the repai to dry for 24 hours.

Important: Do not use concentrated or abrasive cleaning agents, disinfectants or organic solvents on the repaired surface. The repair stick may not be used in connection with dirt-repellent surfaces (easy-to-clean coatings).



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Installation of domestic solidfuel appliance must be certified by a competent engineer. A hetas engineer is recommended or equivalent governing body. Building regulations approval is also possible when work is carried out by a competent person.


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Many stove manufacturers typically provide an extensive warranty for the stove's main body. Nevertheless, components like firebricks, glass, grates, baffles, and seals are considered consumable items and fall outside the scope of warranty coverage.

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