Single Skin Flue Pipe

Vit Smooth Vitreous Enamelled Stove Pipe is used to connect your flue/chimney installation to your appliance and should be fitted no less than three times its own diameter from any combustible materials (e.g. a 150mm pipe should be a minimum of 450mm from combustibles).

The Vit Smooth range has been specifically designed to be visually pleasing, long lasting and to accommodate a quick, safe and simple installation. 

The total thickness of components is 1.2mm, which includes the 0.12mm thick zero carbon steel and the enamel coating, guaranteeing the resistance and stability of colour at very high temperatures (classified T600). All joints are fully welded, providing an excellent gas-sealed joint and minimum flue gas flow resistance. 

Each component of the Vit smooth range (excluding adjustable lengths) has a tapered male end (smaller diameter) and a female end (larger diameter). The male end fits into the female end and should always be facing downwards, going into the pipe below. As it's not tapered, the female end can be cut to size if required, but, the male end should not be altered. The male (tapered) end has a length of 50mm which slips inside the pipe/component below - this should be accounted for when planning your installation. 

Some components, such as pipes and bends, are available with integrated access doors to allow for easy cleaning of the flue system. Access doors are non-corrosive with a ceramic high temperature gasket. 

Adjustable lengths are used to achieve a variable pipe length, allowing your appliance to be moved with minimal disruption. Your adjustable length is fitted with the socket (larger diameter) facing upwards, it is placed into the existing pipe to the desired length and secured with a locking band (included)

Vit smooth stove pipe is NOT for external installation and should only be used inside a property, but not through a wall. For external installations, or to go through a wall (internal or external) please see our Twin Wall range.

If you require assistance with planning your Stove and Flue System please download one of the following forms (choose form that is the closet match to your requirements) and send us a copy back through the post or at sales (@)

Twin-Single & Twin Wall System - internal top outlet - 1 floor building

Twin-Single & Twin Wall System  - internal rear outlet - 2 or more floor building

Twin-Single & Twin Wall System  - external top outlet - 3 or  more floor building 

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