Bends & T-Pieces

Poujoulat Therminox Twin Wall flue has an option of the following bend / elbows 15 degree, 30 degree and standard 45 degree

usually Stove installations will use a 45 degree angle and you should not exceed 4 bends in the overall flue system. 

The offset measurement should not exceed 20 % of the total chimney length. For example a standard flue height is 4500mm or 4.5 metres therefore the offset should not exceed 900mm. If there are two offsets the total amount should not exceed 20% for example 2 x 450mm offsets would total 900mm. 

You may need to use Poujoulat Therminox Adustable lengths to achieve an exact measurement in a situation of two fixed points. 

Calculate your offset - Twin Wall

T piece measurement with bend

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