Twin Wall Flue Pipe

For more than 30 years, Cheminées Poujoulat has devoted its knowledge to the improved design of chimney and flue systems for houses, apartments and industrial buildings

Therminox TI system chimneys are suitable for the evacuation of fumes from any gas, oil, wood and coal-fired atmospheric appliances. With joint seals they can also be used under positive pressure and on condensing boilers.
Incorporating a 30 mm thick insulation of high-density pressure injected mineral fibre. They are manufactured with a system of comb encapsulating the insulation and reducing the thermal bridges. &nbsp

The complete range of flues and accessories makes it possible to carry out all the types of assemblies inside or outside the building in domestic and industrial applications.

The Main Benefits

  • With the use of the reinforced locking band, the Therminox system can be installed up to 3 metres freestanding above the last support (2 metres as standard). The chimney can be as much as 4 metres between wall brackets (CMI) and can take the weight of a chimney up to 16 metres high, using a wall support (SMI/SM).
  • Its 30mm thick insulation ensures Therminox has exceptional thrmal properties  that guarantees a true 50mm clearance to combustable materials.
  • The easy push-fit joint being fully insluated ensures no hot-spots.
  • Every component is suppied with a recessed locking band giving the Therminox system the best appearance for any application. The security ring guarantees the security of the joint for life. 

Therminox TI / ZI twin wall stainless steel or stainless/aluzinc+ steel chimneys are CE marked in compliance with EN‑1856-1.

Poujuoulat Twin Wall Flue Diameter 

Poujoulat Twin Wall Flue Diameter

Twin Wall Flue Design & Quote

If you require assistance with planning your Stove and Flue System please download one of the following forms (choose form that is the closet match to your requirements) and send us a copy back through the post or at

Twin-Single & Twin Wall System - internal top outlet - 1 floor building

Twin-Single & Twin Wall System  - internal rear outlet - 2 or more floor building

Twin-Single & Twin Wall System  - external top outlet - 3 or  more floor building 

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