Defra Approved Stoves - Stoves For Smoke Control Areas

If you live in a 'Smoke Control Area' and would like to purchase a stove for your property, it is essential that you purchase a DEFRA approved Stove or Wood-burner. Generally Smoke Control Areas are mainly located in large towns and city centres, however the only way to find out for certain if you live in a Smoke Control Area is to contact the Local Authority in your area. Whole or part of a district within a Local Authority can be declared as a smoke control area under the Clean Air Act.

Exempt Wood-burning and Multi-Fuel Stoves are appliances which have been exempted by Statutory Instruments (Orders) under the Clean Air Act 1993 or Clean Air (Northern Ireland) Order 1981. These Stoves / Woodburners have passed tests to confirm that they are capable of burning an unauthorised or inherently smoky solid fuel without emitting smoke, providing that you burn the Authorised Fuels. These Stoves are called DEFRA Approved Stoves.

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