New Bold and Colourful Wood Burning Stoves from Arada

New Bold Edit Collection

2022 was the year for dopamine d├ęcor, so why not introduce it via your wood burning or multi fuel stove with the new BOLD Edit collection from Arada Stoves.

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Small Stoves for Cabins, Garden Sheds & Boats

Charnwood Stove Pod with Cranmore 3

When installing a Woodburner into a cabin situation it is likely to be situated in front or around combustible materials. This makes Stove choice essential to ensure it is suitable and that the stove does not have to be fitted too far away from the wall.

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British Made Woodburners

At Woodburner Warehouse we are proud to be able to offer a wide selection of Woodburning Stoves. We have a great range of British Design & Manufactured Stoves found on our dedicated British Stoves section on our website

Arada Stoves - made in britain

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Cooking on a Wood fired Stove

ESSE Ironheart - Woodfired cooking

We offer a range of quality woodburning stoves and Fire Accessories which can be used cooking. Take a look at Woodburner Cook Stoves available and fire accessories for your woodburner for cooking

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Installing a Stove on a short flue

Chimney Heights and outside flue example

Building Regulations recommend a minimum flue height of 4.5m however the chimney must be high enough to allow for enough draught to clear the exhaust gases. The Height will depend on the type of appliance, height of the building and the number of offsets in the system.

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New Stoves from January 2022


From January 2022 onwards Ecodesign stoves will become the new standard of woodburning stoves. It will be illegal to manufacture and sell new stoves after 1st January 2022 that do not comply with the Ecodesign requirements.

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New Charnwood Stoves 2021

New Charnwood Cranmore Stoves - coming soon

Its that time of the year again when Charnwood reveals their New products for 2021. The New Charnwood Cranmore range of woodburning stoves will include a 5kw and a 7kw. Offering a stylish traditional stove with advanced technologies.

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Ban On Woodburning Stoves - the facts

Ban on Woodburning Stoves

in recent years there has been alot of negative press about woodburning stoves. Woodburning Stoves are not going to be Banned but a New Generation of Ecodesign Ready Stoves will Reduce Pollution and only Good Qualitiy Dry Wood will be allowed to be burnt. Banning the main culprit of pollution Wet Wood and High Sulphur House coal. 

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Useful information for Stovax Stove Owners

Useful info for Stovax Stove owners

Useful links and information for Stovax Stove owners including information on spare parts, Videos for Stove Maintenance and Fault Checking

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New Charnwood Stoves 2020

New Charnwood Aire Stoves - coming soon

We are super excited about Charnwoods' News that they will be extending the Charnwood Aire range to include a Aire 3 and Aire 7. Here is a wee sneak of whats coming soon from Charnwood Stoves

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How to Style your Wood Burning Stove

How to style your woodburning stove

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are not just home heating solutions, they are also visually appealing focal points that add character to both traditional and contemporary homes.

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