New Charnwood Aire Stoves - coming soon

New Charnwood Stoves 2020

We are super excited about Charnwoods' News that they will be extending the Charnwood Aire range to include a Aire 3 and Aire 7. Here is a wee sneak of whats coming soon from Charnwood Stoves

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Ban on Woodburning Stoves

Ban On Woodburning Stoves - the facts

in recent years there has been alot of negative press about woodburning stoves. Woodburning Stoves are not going to be Banned but a New Generation of Ecodesign Ready Stoves will Reduce Pollution and only Good Qualitiy Dry Wood will be allowed to be burnt. Banning the main culprit of pollution Wet Wood and High Sulphur House coal. 

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Useful info for Stovax Stove owners

Useful information for Stovax Stove Owners

Useful links and information for Stovax Stove owners including information on spare parts, Videos for Stove Maintenance and Fault Checking

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