Commisioning your appliance

It is vital when a stove is installed that it is commissioned by the Hetas Engineer. 

Hetas states, " HETAS Inspectors are readily promoting the use of commissioning documents and will ask for, or discuss, the benefits of using such forms on inspection. If it cannot be evidenced during an inspection that commissioning has taken place, this is recorded as a non-conformance."

Commissioning a woodburning stove by a HETAS engineer or qualified competent person is important for several reasons:

Safety: to ensure the stove is safe to use and complies with the relevant building and safety regulations.  

Efficiency: to ensure the stove is performing correctly that it is not overfiring or burning through logs too quickly. 

Warranty: to ensure the stove is covered under warranty stove manufacturers require proof of correct installation, the hetas certificate & servicing by a hetas engineer or qualified competent person - always check the Manufacturers guidance. 

Insurance: a hetas certificate is usually suffieicnt but in some situations they may also ask for proof of commission and servicing. 

Commisioning Check list 

Stove manufacturers check list may vary but in general the following should be carried out on installation. 

  1. Install internal components
  2. Check the door allignment and catch operation - adjust when required
  3. Check the soundness of door seals, castings and joints
  4. Check the operation of the air controls
  5. Carry out a smoke draw test 
  6. Carry out a flue draught reading
  7. If there are any extractor fans repeat draw test with the fans on maximum 
  8. Check the effect of any ceiling fans during the test.
  9. If flue draught and Smoke draw tests fail;check the suitability of the flue system and ventilation.
  10. Explain to the user the correct operation of the appliance, use of the controls and the importance of only using suitable fuels in order to reduce smoke emissions- particularly in smoke control areas. 
  11. Ensure that a CO Alarm has been fitted and make the user aware of its operation and importance of testing
  12. Explain the cleaning and routine maintenance requirements.
  13. Explain the requirement to use a suitable fireguard when children are near
  14. Record Retailer, Supplier and installers details
  15. Record Serial number 
  16. Give instruction manual to End user

Hetas also offer a duplicate book which your hetas installer may opt to use - examples of a Commission sheet can be seen below

Commissioning Check list