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Poujoulat Therminox Twin Wall Flue system is available in diameters 100mm up to 350mm. Standard size Twin wall flue is 5" twin wall, 6" twin wall and 7" twin wall. The diameter sizes referred to when ordering twin wall is always the internal diameter; there is also a layer of insulation and an outercasing. This is why twin wall flue is usually a chunky looking pipe. 

Please see the diagram below for the internal diameter and the external diameter. It is important to allow for 50mm clearance to combustible when using the Poujoulat therminox twin wall flue. 

We always recommend you find a qualified engineer to carry out a survey. 

Poujoulat Twin Wall Flue Diameter

Each flue diameter has the following length options 

100mm twin wall length 

250mm twin wall length

450mm twin wall length 

950mm twin wall lenght

1150mm twin wall length 

150-250mm adjutable twin wall length 

350-450mm adjustable twin wall length 

Deco starter lengths 450 - 550mm adjustable starter length 

When fitting a woodburning stove it is important that the stove can be disconnected from the flue system without disturbing the flue. That is why we recommend the following;

When starting in single skin pipe 

Poujoulat Pipe Connection length - this is only suitable to be used with the Poujoulat single skin pipe - which is not on the website - please contact us for a quote

When starting in twin wall 

Deco starter length designed be fitted directly onto the stove with a 100mm built in adjustment. 

all the lengths on the website are in the Therminox Twin wall stainless steel finish. If you require Black Twin wall flue please do contact us for a quote. 

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