How to check the door Seal and re-rope a stove

Checking the rope 

Checking the door seals on a wood burner is an important part of maintaining its efficiency and safety. Over time, the seals can become worn, cracked, or damaged, allowing air to enter the firebox and reducing the stove's ability to control the burning rate. This can lead to inefficient combustion, excess smoke, and the release of harmful pollutants into the air.

To check the door seals on a wood burner, follow these steps:

Let the stove cool down completely before starting.

Open the door and inspect the seal for any signs of wear or damage. Look for cracks, tears, or gaps in the seal.

Check that the seal is properly seated in the door and is making good contact with the stove body.

If the seal is damaged or worn, replace it with a new one. We recommend using the genuine manufacturer seal where possible. Ropes can vary in size, type, material and quality.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the new seal. This involves removing the old seal and cleaning any adhesive residue before installing the new seal.

Close the door and check that it is sealing properly the quickest and easiest method is the paper test. When the stove is cold, close the stove door on a sheet of paper so that it sits between the door seal rope and the stove body. When the seal is good, the paper should be gripped firmly in place and not fall out.  If the paper is removed too easily or falls out, then the seal needs to be replaced

Checking the Door hinges and handle 

It is also important to check the door hinges and door handle mechanisms are free from damage. On a new stove these would always be check on commission by the stove installer and where necessary adjustment would be made to ensure the door is sealing correctly. 

Over time parts of the stove will wear include hinge pins, hinge posts, Door mechnisms. 

If you have bought a reputable brands these parts are usually readily available and can easily be replaced. You may choose to ask a professional Stove maintenance engineer to carry out the work. 


A stove should be serviced every year by a qualified engineer who can carry out the necessary tests on your stove.You can ask a professional to check your door seal if you are unsure.