"Wood Burner vs. Inset Stove in Fireplace: Which is Right for You?"

Stove in inglenook  Inset Stove in Fireplace

Buying a Woodburner or Restoring a fireplace can be a mind field especially with a huge range of choices.

It can be hard to understand, and you may be asking yourself.

What is suitable for my fireplace? or What size Woodburner do I need for my room?

Do inset Woodburners heat the room as well as traditional Stoves?

In fact, inset Woodburners can be equally effective as some Woodburners on the market and in some case more effective. Quite a lot of inset Woodburners will have convection heat. Convection / convector stoves will distribute the heat out into the whole room.

Woodburners are an effective way to heat both modern and older properties if the right product is installed.

You can read more about the benefits of installing a Woodburner and the types of Woodburners available here 

It is also possible to install a Woodburner with an existing chimney or with a twin wall chimney flue you can ready more about types of installations here 


Advantages of Wood Burners: 

- High energy efficiency with advanced combustion technology.

- Better heat output and distribution in comparison to some fireplaces.

- Environmental benefits – lower emissions and reduced reliance on fossil fuels.

- More control over temperature with adjustable settings.

- Powerful radiant and convection heat options

- Surface space to cook on ideal for powercuts or offgrid living

- Cast iron stoves hold the heat after the fire has died out and will continue to heat the living space for longer


Advantages of Inset stove in Fireplaces: 

Fireplaces with an open fire may give a classic and timeless look but unfortunately, they are highly inefficient and highly polluting to the environment. Inset Stoves in a fireplace is perfect way to have a Classic Fireplace with an efficient heat without harming the environment.

- Classic and timeless aesthetic appeal.

- May be more suitable for larger spaces or open floor plans.

-  Wide range of options for different fuel sources such as wood, gas, or electric.

- Cost Effective – making use of the existing chimney

- Restoring an existing fireplace can add a lot of character to your home.

- In some situations less labour intensive work and less costly 


Considerations for Choosing a Wood Burner:

Locating a stove

- Location of the Woodburner – Freestanding in a Room or Existing Fireplace opening

- Size of Room – what size Woodburner do I need? 

- Energy efficiency and sustainability goals. For new builds you will need a Woodburner with a direct air kit and you may want to consider a flue system with insulation

- Local regulations and restrictions on wood burning. In Urban areas you will likely need a Defra Approved stove

- Installation and maintenance requirements. We recommend you have Hetas Engineer to carry out a site survey, installation, and service.


Considerations for Choosing a fire for a Fireplace:

- Installing a Inset Stoves into a fireplace will improve efficiency

- Size of opening to accommodate an inset woodburner

Fireplace opening for built in woodburner

- Building a False Chimney with a Modern or Traditional inset Woodburner

False Chimney

- Fitting an Electric Fire when fitting a Woodburner is not possible

- Availability of space and location for installation.

- Desired heating capacity and efficiency. Woodburners will give a powerful heat and is highly effective for heating a home. Electric fires are less powerful but highly attractive and less maintenance.

Examples of Stove installations


Freestanding Stove with Twin Wall flue

Freestanding Stove with Twin wall flue


Woodburner for open plan spaces with vaulted ceiling

Woodburner for open plan spaces


Stoves for cabins and cooking

Stoves for Cabins and cooking


Modern Inset Woodburning Stove fireplaces

Modern Inset Woodburner fire


Riva2 40 traditional fireplace with modern inset

Traditional Fireplace with modern insert


False chimney with Built in wood burner

False Chimney with built in woodburner


Electric Fires with False Chimney ideal for large open plan spaces

Modern electric Fires for large spaces


Electric insets for existing fireplaces

Electric Fires for fireplace openings


We encourage our customers to call us to seek advice on what Woodburners could work well in your space. It is essential to get a survey and installation from a competent person such as a hetas engineer.

Freestanding Stoves and Inset Stove can both be highly effective in heating your home and providing a stunning ambience in your home. We are here to help you pick the right stove for your needs.

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