Cooking on a Woodburning Stove

We offer a range of quality woodburning stoves and Fire Accessories which can be used cooking.

Woodburning Stoves with Cook features

ESSE Woodfired Cooking

ESSE who have been making Stoves in the UK since 1854 have a range of Wood fired Cook stoves which has something for most situations.

ESSE Ironheart ECO Range Cooker ideal for off grid locations and traditional Cast iron range cookers that are Wood fired.

ESSE ironheart cook stove

ESSE Bakeheart – a smaller version of the ironheart with one oven, grill insert for the firebox and a bolster lid. Perfect for heating cabins and homes with a powerful heat output and cooking abilities in the event of a power cut.

ESSE Warmheart – Traditional cast iron stove for the inglenook with a bolster lid for cooking and a grill insert in the firebox.

ESSE Lightheart - Mini Rangcooker perfect for off grid cooking in smaller spaces 

Charnwood Cook plates and Cook Stove

Charnwood Cook plates

Charnwood Cook Plates

Charnwood Cooking Plate - has been designed to be fitted on the top of a Charnwood Stove with a 5"  or  6” in collar instead of a top blanking plate. These can only be fitted where a rear flue is used. Charnwood recommends the Charnwood Vertical rear flue adaptor with the Cookplate

Cooking Plate suitable for Ø 125mm (5") - Country 4, C-four, C-five, Bembridge, Arc 5, Skye 5, Cove 1, & Island I

Cooking Plate suitable for Ø150mm (6”) - Aire 5, Cove 2, I sland I I , C-Six, C-Seven, C-Eight, Country 6, Country 8, Country 12, Arc 7 & Skye 7

The cast iron plate incorporates conduction fins on the underside and simply replaces the blanking plate on a standard Charnwood stove to create a highly effective hot plate for cooking.

The cooking plate is ideal for stoves installed into open-plan living areas where the boundaries of cooking, dining and lounging are merged. The set includes four cast iron trivets for versatility when cooking and the plate is available in two sizes; five or six inch outlet diameters to suit most Charnwood models in addition to the Island II.

Please note: the stove will need to be installed using the rear outlet to allow the cooking plate to be fitted on the stove top.


Charnwood Haven Stove

Charnwood Haven Stove

Charnwood Haven, a brand-new compact wood-burning cooker to celebrate Charnwoods 50 years in business. Based on the dimensions of our Island III, the Charnwood Haven is designed for cabins, bothies, off-grid living and smaller homes.

It has the functional charm of a rustic range cooker, but with all our clean burn technology included. It provides a 6kw output and comes equipped with a well-sized oven and large hot plate enabling you to cook with a wide array of pots, pans, and trivets. The integrated thermometer allows for greater temperature control and cooking accuracy.

It’s a surprisingly versatile and delicious way of cooking, allowing you to create soups, stews, roasts, baking and more! Available Charnwood's standard colours and with either high legs or a store stand that will line the Haven up with a standard 900mm worktop.

Ekol Baked Apple and Pumpkin pie Cook Stoves


Ekol Apple Core or Baked Apple stove?

Ekol Apple Pie features

The Ekol Apple pie range of stoves are highly versatile with a range of accessories you can add to achieve your desired stove

It is important to note that when you add the oven to the apple stove it means the top plate only acts as a warming plate and does not get hot enough to boil a kettle. If you do want a stove with a hotplate, we recommend not having an oven with this range.

New Pumpkin pie range

Pumpkin pie Stoves



Fire Accessories for Woodfired Cooking


Toasting on your stove

Charnwood Toasting Fork

The Charnwood Toasting Fork is a neat, highly effective stove accessory designed for use on all our models. Simply fix the magnetic holder to the stove top and suspend the fork in front of the glass for perfectly toasted bread, muffins or crumpets.

Diabloe Toaster

Diablo Toasted Snack Maker. Titanium coated for scratch resistant, non-stick cooking, the Diablo is light, compact and dishwasher safe.

No need to plug it in, just place it over any direct heat source, such as electric, ceramic, gas, even the barbeque!


Cooking on your stove top

For Stove top cooking there are a few things to consider


for more cooking space its is better to have the flue coming out of the back of the stove for more surface space

high temperature cook top

Traditional stoves or stoves with cook plate tops are ideal for cooking on direct heat with cast iron cookware.

Valiant cookware set


Some modern stoves have been designed with Convector tops which means it will have a reduced temperature on the top plate. These will not give you the necessary temperatures to cook on top of the stove effectively.