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Charnwood British made stoves

We are proud to be able to offer a wide selection of Woodburning Stoves. We have a great range of British Design & Manufactured Stoves found on our dedicated British Stoves section on our website. 

Including Charnwood Stoves, Dunseley Stoves, Arada, ESSE, BeModern and many more!


Made in Britain stoves 

Made in Britain

As we become more ethical shoppers and aim to reduce our carbon footprint, buying British Made products makes sense. Arada Stoves, BeModern, Broseley, Elgin & Hall & ESSE are part of the Members Directory Made in Britain.

This means when you buy Arada, ESSE or Broseley stoves showing the made in Britain mark you can be assured their Woodburners are Made in Britain.

Made in Britain mark

British Stoves

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