Summer Shutdown of Stove

As the summer season arrives, it's essential for wood burner owners to prepare for a period of inactivity. The summer shutdown not only ensures the longevity of your wood burner but also prevents costly damages from occurring.

Image of Charnwood Aire 3 Woodburner

The Significance of Summer Shutdown of Wood Stove

  1. Prevention of unnecessary wear and tear: By shutting down your wood burner during the summer months, you allow it to rest and avoid excessive wear on its components.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance: Summer shutdown provides an excellent opportunity to thoroughly clean and maintain your wood burner, ensuring its optimal performance when winter arrives.
  3. High temperatures outside can cause a reverse in the normal air flow on the flue system if the chimney has not been swept in a long time this may cause an unpleasant smell. The air can also contain moisture which could cause metal components to rust or brick elements to deteriorate.
  4. Service your Stove – Good Engineers who are qualified to service your stove may be hard to get hold of our busy in the Winter. There is nothing worse than getting to winter and finding out you have a issue with your wood burner. Don’t get caught out!



Essential Steps for Summer Shutdown of a Woodburning Stove

image of ash into a stovax ash carrier

Empty the ash pan: Remove any accumulated ash and debris from the ash pan and dispose of it safely.


example of glass cleaner by Stovax


Clean the firebox and glass door: Use a suitable cleaner to remove soot, creosote, and other residues from the interior of the firebox and the glass door. Ensure the glass door is clear for a better view of the fire when you resume using the wood burner.


Example of removing bricks in a stovax stove

Remove all the bricks and baffle and clean out – replace any bricks that have significant cracks


Rust on a stove

Check the stove body for rust and – this can be rubbed down and resprayed when it is a not enamelled Woodburners.


Check the flue and chimney: Inspect the flue and chimney for any blockages, creosote buildup, or bird nests. Clear out any obstructions and, if necessary, we recommend hiring a professional chimney sweep for a thorough cleaning and inspection using a special chimney camera.


Woodbee logstore

Store firewood properly: If you have firewood, ensure it is stored in a dry, covered area away from the wood burner. Keeping the wood dry will prevent Mold growth and maintain its quality for future use.


Protect against moisture: Leave your stove door slightly ajar or open and close periodically. This will allow the chimney to breath and prevent moisture build up. Consider using a chimney cap or cover to prevent rainwater or animals from entering the chimney, as moisture can cause damage to the wood burner system.   


              Paper Test for Stove

Inspect gaskets and seals: Check the gaskets and seals around the door and glass to ensure they are intact and in good condition. Replace any worn-out or damaged parts to maintain proper air control. You can carry out a paper test on the door to ensure that its sealing properly. Ropes will need replacing overtime and how often can depend on use.     



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Consider professional maintenance: If your wood burner requires extensive maintenance or if it's been a while since its last professional service, consider scheduling a maintenance visit during the summer months. The Summers months are an excellent time to get your stove serviced – Engineers and Chimney sweeps are usually more available than the busy winter months. You should have your wood burner service at least once a year – or as guided by the stove manufacturer’s instructions.


By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your wood burner remains in excellent condition throughout the summer months and be ready for cozy fires when the colder season returns. Remember, taking care of your wood burner now means enjoying its warmth and comfort for years to come. Stay safe and enjoy the summer season!


(Reference Euroheat Free Lee 2016 Technical Bulletin Summer shutdown of your stove)