Small Stoves for Cabins, Garden Sheds & Boats

When installing a Woodburner into a cabin situation it is likely to be situated in front or around combustible materials. This makes Stove choice essential to ensure it is suitable and that the stove does not have to be fitted too far away from the wall.

Small Convector Stoves

Convector stoves can be ideal for these situations as they will have lower clearances to combustibles at the side.

Loxton 3 convector stove

Loxton 3 convector


Morso 1442 Convector Stove

Morso 1442 stove



Small Stoves with heatshields 

Stoves with optional heat shields will help reduce the air gap at the back of the stove.

Stovax County 3 mf

County 3 mf


Stovax Stockton 3 mf

Stockton 3


Charnwood Country 4 blu

Country 4 blu


Charnwood Aire 3

Aire 3 stove


Stove Pods for Glamping 

Ekol Baked Apple in enclosure

Stoves with pods – are designed specifically for the cabin situation. Will help with clearance to combustibles back and sides.

Ekol Apple Pie range



Charnwood Stove Pod

Charnwood Stove pod



Flue for stove in a cabin

Morso Flue kits

When fitting a Woodburner in a summer house, cabin, boat or garden shed you do not have to follow the same regulations you would installing in your house.

Some manufacturers have tested their stoves on a purpose-built kit for these situations for example.

The Morso Squirrel which has a 5” collar and in a house, situation would require 4.5 metres of 5” flue. In a cabin or boat can be installed using Morso Boat kit or Cabin which. These are 4” twin wall flue pipe which are roughly 2-3 metres long.

You can read more about short flue installations here


You can read more on heatshield requirements on the Hetas website


Small kw heat output Stoves