Charnwood Cove Stoves

Large Traditional Wood burning Stove

Cove - Optimum performance with a Modern touch

Charnwood Cove available in 8kw or 11kw of heat output. The Cove is one of Charnwoods most respected stoves combining past and present with soft contemporary edges. The Cove Woodburner has a large curved Viewing glass for amazing views of the flames. Its Multi-function tool is used to open the door, de-ash and empty. 

  • Optional side convection panels and rear heatshield
  • Five base options, low stand, low arch stand, centre stand, store stand, midi stand
  • Easy to operate single air control using the patented Quattroflow air mangement system
  • Adjustable converting grate for wood and smokeless fuels
Charnwood Cove Features
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